EBay and PayPal: What the Split Could Mean for Investors

Ebay and Paypal

After more than a decade, ebay and paypal had made an official announcement that they will split as two separate companies by next year. This was influenced partly by eBay shareholder and activist, Carl Icahn, when he first coerced the split more than six months ago.

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Top 100 Most Influential Blogs In Finance That Can Teach You The Best Ways to Invest Your Money

Top 100 Influential Blogs in finance

Its two months remaining to my D-day i.e. my Wedding on December 12th 2014.

Before my wedding, I decided to release the much a waited investing blogs that can teach you the best ways to invest money in a legal way.

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Why You Should Invest 401k in Gold IRA Before You Die!

invest 401k in gold ira

Have you ever notice how some people become rich without hassling too much?

A few years back, many people used to hassle for wealth, but as the time keeps on changing, many investment options have come to the fore.

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How My Commodities Trading Advisor Protects My Money from Future Terrorist Activities

Commodities Trading Advisor

September 11, 2001—a day that will never be forgotten, not only by the families of the victims of the terrorist attacks, but also by traders in the market.

Now, it seems that we are once again in the brink of war, or at the very least, at the risk of unexpected terrorist attacks.

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